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About me

Currently, I am a postdoc in Benjamin Werner’s group at the Barts Cancer Institute. I recently obtained my PhD in mathematical biology from UCL, under the supervision of Prof. Karen Page. Prior to that I completed my MPhys in mathematical physics at the University of Edinburgh in 2016. You can see my CV here. I am broadly interested in using mathematical and computational methods to model biological and social systems, in particular evolutionary processes.

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Contact details

Barts Cancer Institute
Queen Mary, Univeristy of London
Charterhouse Square
London EC1M 6BQ

Email: j.renton [at]


My PhD research was focussed on evolutionary game theory, with applications to cancer evolution.


  1. Jessie Renton and Karen M. Page. Cooperative success in epithelial public goods games. Journal of Theoretical Biology, 528:110838, 2021 (pdf).

  2. Jessie Renton and Karen M. Page. Evolution of cooperation in an epithelium. Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 16:20180918, 2019 (pdf).



At UCL I have taught first-year applied maths tutorials (2017-18) covering content from Applied Maths, Mathematical Methods I & II, and Newtonian Mechanics. I have also taught introductory python computer labs as part of Mathematical Methods I (2016-19). I have done marking for various courses including Biomathematics and Mathematical Methods I & II.